Muzukidz Social Project


Muzukidz aims to alleviate poverty by providing instrumental tuition to young learners from disadvantaged communities within the Cape Town surrounding areas. The Suzuki method is used, which is based on educating talent from early childhood. This learning process not only develops intellectual capacity, but also focuses on emotional development and well-being. Time showed us that a growing passion and love for the instrument from early childhood years develops emotional stability and self-value before teenage years. This becomes a powerful tool to resist offers in later years leading to self-destruction involving teenagers in crime, drugs and gangsterism. Through this long term investment in the lives of children, possibilities are also created to find study bursaries, employment in music careers, and to share expertise with other disadvantaged youth in the future.


Muzukidz is a natural outflow of my own personal involvement, since 2009, in teaching violin within townships communities around Cape Town. My hope is that through my experience and expertise with this remarkable talent building method, more children from disadvantaged communities could benefit from violin learning. Muzukidz have identified schools in Cape Town as well, where children from disadvantaged communities are based. Most of these schools have no funding for cultural related activities. Muzukidz believes that music provides an ideal mode of support for children's education. Discipline and dedication is an outflow of daily practise which is required for learning an instrument. These qualities, together with the birth and growth of passion, can be transferred to any other academic studies or even sports. This music project forms a basis for supporting young children in their path to become confident, positive and successful adults. Muzukidz is proud to start violin tuition with 24 children from disadvantaged communities, due to funding from donor Innovent.


For Muzukidz to be successful in fulfilling its objectives, support from donors is necessary. Your support in any form could be used to provide Muzukidz with all it requires to build and expand violin tuition to more children from disadvantaged areas. This support can take the form of your time through assisting us with teaching our children, or through a monetary donation. For a list of our most urgent needs click here. Donations can be made at givengain or if you are able to assist in any other way contact us via email or fax.